Time to go and be Sherlock Holmes.

Time to go and be Sherlock Holmes.

Jared Harris is my bae.

Every time I see the season two advertisement for BBC Sherlock when I turn on Game of Shadows I get sad at the shifty editing and the fact that I have to watch it every time.

Television announcers probably think they’re so hip with their puns and shit.

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Walking in Paradise (Netherlands) by Thijs van den Burg


London Panoramics

Uk based photographer Julian Calverley recently spent 3 long days shooting panoramic back plates in London. Each final piece consists of 3 stitched 80 mpxl files, so the resulting images reveal a truly stunning level of detail.


"where’s my christian grey????” hopefully locked up in prison



WHY do they keep making planet of the apes prequels there’s been like three we know what fucking happens at the end dude we’ve known since like 1975

name one thing simultaneously as cool and funny as a chimp on a horse with a assault rifle

i’m not sure which is ωσяѕє
losing   you     or    the   guilt
of   knowing    it’s    my  fault.